Cyber Overview

Starr Cyber provides clients of various sizes and needs with a broad range of standard and specialty insurance products to address their simplest to most difficult exposures.

Starr provides cyber coverage as a comprehensive form, without additional features from third parties. This makes it easy to procure thorough protection without negotiating for additional coverages.  

Starr’s cyber policy covers a wide range of common cyber perils, including:  

Security & Privacy Liability:
Liability issues that arise from a breach, such as class actions brought by customers whose personal data has been compromised  

Privacy Crisis Expense:

Costs incurred to contain a breach. Includes forensic investigation, notification of affected parties, credit monitoring services, and public relations  

Business Interruption:

Lost income resulting from viruses, malware or DDOS attacks  

Data Recovery: Costs to recover or restore lost data  

The cost of fines and penalties resulting from a breach, and to fund legal defenses against them  

Cyber Extortion:
Payouts made in exchange for a cyber-related threat 

Note: Starr’s cyber policy does not cover professional liability