Marine Liability

STARR’s Marine Liability Coverage is a general coverage type that can be applied to specific instances for the marine industry.

Liability is a general coverage type that can be applied to the specific instances listed:

  • Commercial Marine Liability covers the operations, contractual liabilities and products/completed operations liability exposures of maritime operators.
  • Ship Repairers' Legal Liability offers ship repairers coverage for liability arising out of the care, custody and control of vessels under repair by the policyholder.
  • Terminal Operators' Legal Liability insures terminal and port operators for liability arising out of care custody and control exposures.
  • Excess Marine Liability (including Bumbershoots) allows for limits beyond those provided by the primary marine liability program.
  • Charterer's Legal Liability insures vessel charterers’ liability for bodily injury and property damage assumed under a charter party.
  • Stevedores' Legal Liability gives stevedores care, custody, and control coverage for damage to non-owned vessels and cargo while loading or unloading.
  • Wharfingers' Legal Liability provides bailee liability coverage to operators of commercial piers and wharves.