Workplace Violence Response Coverage - Commercial General Casualty

STARR’s Workplace Violence Response policy provides comprehensive coverage for workplace violence perils and threats that can severely impact a business’ operations and employees.

Starr’s Workplace Violence Response Policy also provides coordination for related and necessary consulting services to help a business restore operations following a covered event. Service highlights include post-event crisis counseling and medical care, public relations, security analysis and advisory services.

Target Classes:

  • Target Risks
    • Commercial Real Estate
    • Food and Beverage Manufacturers
    • Hospitality, including Restaurants and Hotels
    • Manufacturing
    • Retail and Wholesale

Coverages Available:

  • Workplace Violence Expense
    • Reimburses expenses resulting from any workplace violence incident involving an Insured Person
    • Reimbursed expenses include, but are not limited to: workplace violence and stalking threat expenses (including security consultants/guards, public relations consultant, counseling seminars, salaries, medical benefits, etc.), business interruption loss, temporary business relocation, loss of life benefit, and defense costs
  • Crisis Response Expenses
    • Reimburses crisis response and/or crisis management costs that are a result of Bodily Injury, Property Damage, or Imminent Injury arising out of a crisis event
    • Reimbursed crisis response and management costs include, but are not limited to: crisis transportation expenses, crisis psychology expenses, funeral expenses, expenses incurred to secure the scene of a crisis event, threat expenses

Additional Coverages Available:

The following perils can be added to the policy for 1st party Property Damage and 3rd party Liability:

  • Political Violence (Strikes, Riots, Civil Commotion)
  • Terrorism (non-certified)
  • Cyber (Liability only)
    • Extortion
    • Security Failures
    • Data Breach

Supplemental Services:

Starr identifies best-in-class consultants and organizations to provide services that supplement our policies. Our Workplace & Political Violence Response offering is provided with services from NYA International, a global risk and crisis management consultancy and Abernathy Macgregor, a strategic communications firm.


  • Policy Aggregate limits of up to $10M
    • Sub-limits will be applied to various sections and/or elements of loss depending on the Policy Aggregate limit and the characteristics of the risk