Alexia Keglevich

CEO, Assist Card

Alexia Keglevich is the CEO of ASSIST CARD, a leading travel assistance and insurance company with global presence. Mrs. Keglevich has held this current role since 2006, when ASSIST CARD joined Starr Companies. She leads the global operations, distributed in 36 commercial offices and directed successfully the start-up of operations in 10 countries in Asia and Latin America.

Prior to this role, Mrs. Keglevich held other positions at ASSIST CARD including Managing Director, where she designed the most extensive internal sales incentive contests in the company’s history. From 1992 up to 1996 she held the position as Marketing Manager where she created, designed and implemented innovative services and benefits, implemented the market research function in the Company, developed annual Marketing Plans and Sales Incentive programs and promotional plans. She also worked in the financial area as Product Manager of Credit & Debit Cards and Manager of Credit Cards in Santander Rio Bank, in Argentina.

Alexia Keglevich was chosen among the 50 top business women of Latin America by the business online magazine Latin Business Chronicle (LBC) when presented its annual list of the Top 50 Business Women of Latin America 2014.  She also received many recognitions from Latin American press because of her work.

Mrs. Keglevich holds degrees in Business Administration from UADE Business School, as well as a post degree in Management from IAE Business School.

Mrs. Keglevich has two daughters.

A.M. Best Financial Strength Rating

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