AML Prevention

Starr Indemnity & Liability Company, Argentine Insurance Branch, has conduct in compliance with the laws, regulations and rules that apply to it. Law 25246 assigns to Insurance Companies, Producers Advising Insurance, Brokers and Agents the mandatory subject, in the terms of arts. 20a, 21 inc. a and b) and 21a, must observe in its operation the measures and procedures defined in RG 28/2018 UIF, as amended by RG 156/2018 UIF (Financial Information Unit).

This resolution lays down the guidelines to be observed for the identification of customers, having the different information and documentation requirements to be completed as appropriate.

Below are the forms that may be required, which can be downloaded in autocomplete PDF format.

Law 25246
RG 28/2018 modif. RG 156/2018
Formulario Emisión Personas Jurídicasy Otros
Formulario Emisión Persona Humana
Declaración Jurada Sujetos Obligados
DDJJ Persona Expuesta Politicamente
RG 28/2018 Stros P. Humana
RG 28/2018 Stros P. Juridica