Aircraft Hull & Liability

STARR Aviation offers comprehensive coverage for an extensive range of Aircraft Hull and Liability exposures with programs tailored to each specific risk.

With each team member, on average, enjoying over 15 years of aviation insurance experience, Starr Aviation is highly competent, allowing us to be a major provider of insurance for varying aircraft hull & liability risks. We offer comprehensive coverage for an extensive range of aircraft hull and liability exposure and our experienced underwriters develop programs tailored to each of these specific risks, including fixed and rotor wing aircraft for both commercial and corporate operations.

Target Classes:

  • Commercial airlines and regional airlines
  • Municipal and public entities utilizing aircraft
  • Charter and cargo operations
  • Private pilots
  • Corporate businesses with aviation exposure
  • Aerial applicators
  • Corporate non-owned aircraft liability 
  • Variety of light aircraft risks, including non-owned coverage for renter and instructor pilots

 General Highlights:

  • Our hull and liability coverage placements are either covered in our major risk, complex risk or general aviation facilities depending on the nature of the exposure at hand, demonstrating Starr’s versatile ability to accommodate your business needs.
  • Starr Aviation also has an in house team committed to resolving claims efficiently with the insured’s best interest in mind. Our team of highly trained claims professionals will act on your behalf in a prompt and economical manner.
  • Additionally, we provide safety & loss control services free of charge to our insureds, through our Safety & Loss Control team, comprised of 3 Board Certified Safety Professionals.