Aviation and Aerospace Overview

Whether it's jetting across continents or reaching past the stratosphere, Starr is there.

Starr Aviation is a worldwide leader of aviation insurance solutions. Our team of experts understands the constantly changing risk environment and develops unique solutions to enable the success of companies, organizations and their people. With Starr Companies, Aviation insurance is made easy.

We tailor aviation insurance solutions to meet our business partners’ needs. Our key segments are: 

Major Risk Airline & Aerospace
  • Commercial and Regional Airlines
  • Major Aircraft Manufacturers & Aircraft Component Manufacturers
  • Aircraft Engines
  • Major & Regional Airports
Complex Risk
  • Large Rotor Wing Fleets
  • Regional Aircraft Charter Operators
  • Middle Market Commercial Aviation Operations
  • Airport Service Provides
 General Aviation
  • Corporate Aircraft & Jet Aircraft
  • Charter Operations
  • Fixed Base Operators
  • Municipal Airports
  • Small Components Aircraft Products • Corporate Non-Owned
Liability Light Aircraft
  • Pleasure and Business Risk
  • Small to Middle Market Commercial Aircraft
  • Personal Non-Owned
  • Aerial Applicators
  • Launch Plus In-Orbit Risks
  • In-Orbit Coverages
  • Transponder Coverage
  • Satellite Incentive Coverage
  • Launch Risk Guarantee
  • Space Third – Party Legal Liability
Workers’ Compensation
  • Aviation & Aviation Related Industries
  • Defense Base Act Coverage
  • Middle Market Unit and Small Business Unit to accommodate all sizes of Workers’ Compensation Exposure