Retained Limit Form

Starr Public Entity provides a broad range of unique services to their constituents and Starr provides coverage to address the exposures presented. Starr Public Entity is a long term and innovative market leader in the area of Public Entity liability coverage.

The Special Excess Liability Policy For Public Entities is specifically designed for those accounts who wish to self-insure their first layer of losses.  These insureds are generally larger Public Entities, Joint Powers Authorities or Pools.  These insureds also utilize full time risk managers and in house counsel with the ability to track and manage losses within their retained limit.   Starr’s minimum attachment varies dependent upon the jurisdiction, while offering capacity of up to $25m.  Coverage includes General Liability, Auto Liability, Wrongful Acts, Employment Practice Liability and Employment Benefits Liability.  This is an occurrence based form with the ability to offer Retroactive Coverage (Nose Coverage) for an insured who wishes to switch from claims made to occurrence based coverage.