STARR’s Space coverage helps companies in the commercial space industry manage specialized high-risk exposures in the launching of spacecraft and vehicles.

Emerging commercial space technologies, along with complex and substantial financial investments present a specialized type of high-risk exposure. The STARR Aviation Space team underwrites varying commercial space insurance coverages for STARR Indemnity & Liability Company. Starr Space has experience as a team in the international space market for over 15 years and has a cumulative knowledge within the Space industry of more than a century.

The Space team consists of three underwriters and two technical analysts. Assessment and evaluation are performed on each placement and technical data is compiled into the STARS database, created and managed by the Space department. There are numerous combinations of launch vehicle and spacecraft, which vary in application, design and mission. These are reviewed through insurance documents and attendance to client/manufacturer briefings as well as Space industry events.

  • Launch Plus In-Orbit Risks
  • In-Orbit Coverage
  • Satellite Incentive Coverage
  • Launch Risk Guarantee
  • Space Third-Party Legal Liability