Workers’ Compensation & Employer’s Liability

Starr Insurance Companies Workers’ Compensation and Employer’s Liability Coverage helps protect your company against exposures, should an employee sustain injuries on the job.

Injuries on the job can mean financial loss for both your business and its employees. Our Workers’ Compensation and Employer’s Liability Coverage helps protect your company against exposures to expenses under Workers’ Compensation laws and beyond, should an employee get injured.

Our Workers’ Compensation insurance mitigates risks from statutory liabilities, including employee income, medical expenses, and rehabilitation.

At the same time, our Employer’s Liability Coverage helps protect against civil liability outside of Workers’ Compensation statues. Otherwise, financial loss from legal fees, settlements and judgements could negatively affect your business.


  • Workers’ Compensation – Statutory
  • Maximum Employer’s Liability - $2,000,000
  • Minimum Premiums - $100,000

Submission Requirement

  • Workers’ Compensation Accord Application
  • Current and Historic Experience Modification
  • FEIN and UAIN Numbers
  • Safety Manual
  • Financials
  • 5 Year Historic Payroll
  • Minimum 5 years currently valued loss runs
  • Details on losses excess of $10,000


  • Group Associations
  • Safety Groups
  • PEO's
  • Non U.S Employers Liability
  • Nuclear or Other Radioactive Exposures
  • Excess Workers' Compensation
  • Off Shore Exposure - platform, subsurface mining and UXO demilitarization

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