About Us

STARR Investment Holdings, LLC (“SIH”), a multi-billion dollar investment adviser, partners with and advises a wide range of institutions and family offices with a focus on long-term, sustained equity capital investments. SIH leverages the rich heritage, operating expertise and strong capital position of its largest client, the STARR Companies. As a duration-agnostic investor, SIH aligns resources, expertise and capital to maximize the value of each investment. Given the nature of its capital base, SIH is particularly well-positioned to partner with owners and management teams, enabling them to realize their long-term vision. By minimizing the friction associated with shorter duration investing, this approach allows management to make optimal operating decisions with a view to driving long-term value creation.

Our Approach

The types of companies that lend themselves to our strategy are defined more by business model than by industry. STARR Investment Holdings focuses on companies with market leadership, barriers to entry, operating consistency, attractive and stable EBITDA margins and strong free cash flow conversion. We also seek opportunities in which there is a clear ability to drive improvement in the business through organic growth, development of new products / services, operating initiatives, industry consolidation and long-horizon investments supporting the expansion of the business. For these companies, SIH has the capacity to provide significant long-term capital, and bring together the right resources and partners to create the ideal structure for each opportunity. Importantly, our structure allows us to consummate deals quickly and efficiently.

Our Leaders

Geoffrey G. Clark

Senior Managing Director of Starr Investment Holdings LLC and Director of C.V. Starr.

Mr. Geoffrey G. Clark is Senior Managing Director of Starr Investment Holdings LLC and Director of C.V. Starr.... See the Full Bio