Construction Safety Programs Make Insurers Indispensable



A shortage of skilled construction workers is likely to lead to the hiring of novices and day laborers to fill personnel gaps nationwide.

A healthy and safe construction market can be achieved if contractors, project owners, developers and vendors take advantage of best-in-class loss-control programs—and insurers offer them as part of the coverage package.

Safety: Safety training and safeguards are essential. An insurer whose team knows construction and provides innovative solutions and support adds tremendous value. Greater use of technology for training, on-site monitoring, incident alerts, environmental measurements and hazardous material controls are all part of the equation. Language accommodations are a must in today’s labor market.

Insurance: An insurer that can evaluate a contractor’s entire program will provide greater value than one that insures just one line or one project. Construction experts within the insurer’s construction practice can become part of the contractor’s team and provide an overarching view of safety across projects.

Partners: Vendors and consultants, especially those recommended by an insurer, broaden the safety management spectrum. We have found that trade contractors, more than general contractors, tend to appreciate the benefits of working with safety experts outside their own industry. This may be because trade contractors are so directly linked with staff who are injured.

Insurers should develop or augment their services to promote health and safety in the construction industry. Look for operational areas where situational, proactive measures can reduce reactive and often hazardous responses by workers. Firms want to further automate production processes and integrate quality, environmental and safety management systems. These are areas where insurers can help through effective loss-control consulting. Health and safety management services should become part of the insurance offering, making the insurer not only a backstop but a partner in the success of the business.

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