Companies Must Address Risks Created by Workplace Violence

Crisis Management

Crisis Management

Not all workplace violence makes headlines. There are about two million workers in the United States harmed by an attack on the job each year, and hundreds of those are killed. In some industries, violence is the third-leading cause of workplace death.[1] While there are steps organizations can take to prevent or minimize violence at work sites, smart businesses go further and secure financial protection in case an attack occurs. But not all standard business insurance policies cover workplace violence.

Scope of Coverage for Typical Workplace Violence Policies

A traditional general liability policy will not necessarily cover patrons who may be harmed in an act of workplace violence. Workers’ compensation may — or may not — cover such incidents, depending on the state where the policy is issued. Moreover, traditional insurance products exclude workplace violence incidents and/or political/terrorist attacks.

A business may turn to a modern workplace violence policy for some financial protection. Modern workplace violence policies cover two main perils: acts of violence using any kind of lethal weapon (including violence against employees and patrons) and political violence, subject to definitions and limitations in the policy.

Top-of-the-line workplace violence policies may also provide coordination for related and necessary consulting services to help a business restore operations following a covered event. Service highlights for some policies include post-event crisis counseling and medical care, public relations, security analysis and advisory services.

At Starr, we take your security very seriously, and our experts have developed solutions that respond to gaps we have identified in standard commercial insurance coverage. And it’s not only our insurance policies; it’s our people and services as well that help you maintain a safe workplace and respond should an incident occur.

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